How 3D printing could help treat hearing loss

How 3D printing could help treat hearing loss

University of Maryland researchers created 3D printed implants of a tiny bone in the middle ear. Early results show a potential for improvement over current techniques.

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  1. Hearing Loss Kentucky - December 19, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Custom made, 3D-printed ossicles could offer a more effective method of treating hearing loss.

    Some forms of hearing loss can be treated with surgical reconstruction of the ossicles—the tiny bones in the middle ear. But the bones are very small, and many prosthetics fail because they do not fit properly.

    To help increase the success rate of the surgeries, a team from the University of Maryland School of Medicine created custom-sized ossicles using a CT scan and a 3D-printer. The resulting prostheses showed a high level of detail, fitting precisely into place, and could also help reduce the time spent in surgery.


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