Autodesk Simulation DFM 2013

Autodesk Simulation DFM is design for manufacturing simulation software that helps product designers create digital prototypes with manufacturability in mind. Simulation DFM works within your 3D CAD system to provide directional feedback on manufacturability, costs, and sustainability as you design plastic parts.

Working closely with Autodesk, and 3D Systems, WB Engineering provides the best solutions for your design challenges, with an offering which includes everything from Autodesk training, to design process automation, ERP integration, and product development, to 3D Printing. Located in Miami, focused on the manufacturing and industrial markets, we are an engineering services company, combining talented people and business processes to provide Digital and Rapid Prototyping solutions (products and services). All of our efforts are focused on helping companies compress time to market, and decreasing design cost to add to our customers bottom line. Our approach to Digital Prototyping and Rapid Prototyping is scalable and cost effective, which can help your organization boost design efficiency while delivering more innovative design ideas.

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