Mechanical Design

WB Engineering specializes in creating mechanical product designs that always result in useful and functional products.  When we mechanically design a product, our engineers focus on how a product will ultimately be used and manufactured.  With our virtual prototypes and animations of your product, we can predict weakness in the design and fix possible design flaws early in development in order to save you time and money.

We offer mechanical design and engineering solutions for any stage of the development process, so you can be assured your mechanical designs are going to be optimally designed.


Mechanical Designs

Our 3D product design and prototyping capability along with a team of skilled Mechanical Engineers ensures that we can develop all kinds of products including: engineering parts, mechanical devices, machine components, tools, and more!

We have the expertise to create custom designs, to optimize an existing design to increase reliability or profitability, and to generate ideas for a new product.  We have the capability and the willingness to turn your vision into reality.

Our faculty and facilities make WB Engineering one of the top chosen mechanical device design companies in our industry.

Our Mechanical Design Services:
•    Manufacturing drawings/ Mechanical drafting
•    3D CAD Model Creation and Design/3D Solid Modeling
•    Concept Generation and Designs
•    Mechanism design
•    Product design
•    Industrial Equipment designs
•    Machine component/parts/tools design
•    Jigs and Fixtures design
•    Compressors, pumps and turbines design
•    Assembly design
•    Quality testing for mechanical designs
•    CAD/CAM support

If you need to refine or create a mechanical device design, we can turn it into reality. Due to our streamlined processes, state-of-the-art development facility, and our extraordinary mechanical design engineers, we are the best choice for you. Out of all the mechanical design companies in the market, our products stand out due to their excellent performance, high quality, high profitability, and cost effectiveness.