Ergonomic Optimization

Ergonomic design optimization is the process of designing an object in order to make it compatible with the needs, abilities and limitations of people. Relevant topics included in this process are: working postures, materials handling, repetitive movements, safety, and health.


Ergonomic Optimization

Every product must not only be engineer to function properly, but design must also be constructed to minimize the fatigue and discomfort that the end-user may experience when using the product.  Ergonomic design optimization will prevent human injury and enhance the usefulness of the product.  After ergonomic optimization of the product design, 3D models can be made to test the ease and comfort of the actual design for the end-user.

• Successful ergonomic design optimization most often results in products that are user friendly and and compatible with multiple user needs and abilities.
• Products that have an ergonomic design will be more desirable to the end-user than products that are not ergonomically designed

  • • Industrial design
  • • Aerospace
  • • Mechanical
  • • Commercial
  • • Dental modeling
  • • Medical modeling
  • • Consumer Products