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Fusion 360™ is a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM tool for product development that combines industrial and mechanical design, collaboration, and machining in a single package. The tools in Fusion 360 enable fast and easy exploration of design ideas with an integrated concept-to-production toolset.

Fusion 360 is natively written for both Mac and PC, allowing you to use your preferred OS or both at no additional cost.


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Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is an integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE tool for product development, built for the new ways products are designed and made. With Fusion 360 you have everything you need to bring products to life, from conceptual design, through detailed engineering, machining, sharing, and much more.

Surface Modeling – Explore ideas and create organic shapes with T-Splines push-pull commands.
Solid Modeling – Direct and history based modeling are seamlessly integrated.
Parametric Modeling – Make changes that automatically update corresponding values and functions of the design.
Mesh Modeling – Import OBJ or STL bodies as mesh models to create custom designs conforming to mesh surfaces.

Data Translation – Import and export design files with unlimited CAD translation of over 50 file types.
Assembly Modeling – Assemble components and show how they work in relation to one other.
Joints & Motion Studies – Create relationships, simulate motion, and review the fit and function of designs.
Rendering – Visualize designs with a variety of rendering tools, environments, effects, and visual styles.
Animations- Communicate design concepts with 3D exploded views and animations to show how a model is built or functions.

2.5 Axis & 3 Axis Machining – Prepare designs for machining with integrated CAM for 2D and 3D milling.
3D Printing – Set up designs for 3D printing within Fusion 360.
Drawings – Document designs with associative 2D drawings—any changes made to the model will be automatically updated.


  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Monthly Pricing
  • Annual Pricing
  • Features
  • Form
  • Surface Modeling
  • Solid Modeling
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Mesh Modeling
  • Part Libraries & Content*
  • Function
  • Data Translation
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Joints & Motion Studies
  • Rendering
  • Simulation & Testing*
  • Animations
  • Fabrication
  • 2.5 Axis Machining
  • 3D Printing Utility
  • Drawings
  • 3 Axis Machining
  • Collaboration & Management
  • Collaboration & Sharing
  • Version Management
  • Mobile Viewing & Management
  • Share or Publish Data & Designs
  • Synchronous Design Reviews*
  • Design Variations with Branching and Merging*
  • Enhanced Support
  • Fusion 360
  • $40
  • $300
  • Fusion 360 Ultimate
  • $150
  • $1200



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