Manufacturing Services

WB Engineering offers a comprehensive assortment of aluminum parts, including aluminum profiles, and forged aluminum parts. We also provide key supporting operations of machining, bending, sand blasting, anodizing, polishing and powder coating of aluminum parts to fulfill our customers’ needs.

  • Assembled aluminum ladder for swimming pool.
  • Extruded aluminum profile for carpet rim with rills.
  • Aluminum profiles for hard drive component.
  • Heatsinks made of aluminum profile.
  • Machined aluminum components.
  • Aluminum sheet metal components.
  • Aluminum Parts Machined
  • Extruded and machined aluminum profiles, as cover for loudspeakers.
  • Aluminum profiles for component in computer hard drives.
  • Aluminum profiles for construction and furniture applications.
  • Aluminum covers for portable USB hard drive.
  • Aluminum profiles surface treated using color anodization.
  • metal-piece
  • tools
  • color-metal