VisiJet PXL (CJP)


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VisiJet® PXL™ material builds realistic, high definition, full-color concept models, assemblies and prototypes. Choose from a range of finishing options to meet your needs, from ColorBond infiltration for stronger functional prototypes, to wax for creating concept models quickly, safely and affordably.

  • VisiJet PXL + StrengthMax infiltrant to dramatically improve the strength for functional models

  • VisiJet PXL + ColorBond infiltrant for improved strength and color vibrancy

  • VisiJet PXL + Wax infiltrant for fast, affordable, beautiful color models

  • VisiJet PXL + Salt Water infiltrant, ideal for very economical monochrome models

Printers compatible with this material:

  • CJP Tech Specs (English A4)
  • CJP Tech Specs (English)

VisiJet PXL (CJP)