LaserForm Ni625 A


Material Description

Ni625 is known for its combination of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. LaserForm Ni625 (A) is the ideal material for industries where these two strengths need to come together: chemical, marine, aerospace and nuclear industry. Applications include: reaction vessels, tubing, heat exchangers, valves, engine exhaust systems, turbine seals, propeller blades, submarine fittings, propulsion motors, reactor core and control-rod components in nuclear water reactors.

Applications include:

Components for:

  • Aerospace industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Marine industry

  • Nuclear industry

  • Automotive and racing

Printers compatible with this material:

Technical Specifications

  • LaserForm Ni625 (A) Datasheet (English A4)
  • LaserForm Ni625 (A) Datasheet (English)

LaserForm Ni625 A