LaserForm Ti Gr5 A


Material Description

This titanium alloy is commonly used for lightweight and highstrength components such as aerospace and motor sports applications. Because of its excellent biocompatibility Ti Gr5 (A) is also very well suited for medical implants, tools and devices and dental prostheses. The essential difference between Ti6Al4V ELI (grade 23) and Ti6Al4V (grade 5) is the allowed higher oxygen and iron content in Ti Gr5. This confers improved strength while slightly reducing ductility. These benefits make LaserForm Ti Gr5 (A) the ideal material for light-weight, high-strength components as required for a broad scope of parts in aerospace, sports and marine products. Its high strength and biocompatibility make it the material of choice for medical tools and devices.

Applications include: Light-weight and high-strength components for aerospace, sports and marine applications Medical implants Medical tools and devices Dental prostheses

Printers compatible with this material:

Technical Specifications

  • Direct Metal Printers Tech Specs (English A4)
  • Direct Metal Printers Tech Specs (Japanese)
  • Direct Metal Printers Tech Specs Sheet (English)
  • LaserForm Ti Gr5 (A) Datasheet (English A4)
  • LaserForm Ti Gr5 (A) Datasheet (English)

LaserForm Ti Gr5 A