Accura 25 SLA


Accura 25 is the best general purpose resin available utilizing the SLA technology. This ABS/Polypropylene like, rigid resin is produced in opaque white. Accura 25 is very flexible: Snap fits, tabs and features that require a certain degree of rigid elasticity are an ideal fit for this SL resin.

Rigid yet flexible; Enclosures, packaging and containers appear more realistic than the traditional rigid resins and can still be primed painted or used as mold patterns.

Accura 25 has a respectable heat deflection of 145 °F for shipping and has an “injection molded look” after vapor honing, making it perfect for testing or as a presentation model, without additional finishing.

-Simulates the properties and appearance of polypropylene.
-High flexibility and shape retention.
-High resolution and precision
-Recommended for functional components in packaging and models for automotive, -electronic components or parts with laces.

Accura® Materials for SLA Printing on ProX® 800 & 950

Plastic and composite parts made from Accura SLA materials are the industry’s gold standard for accuracy, providing excellent resolution, surface finish and dimensional tolerances. Accura SLA materials offer the broadest choice of materials in 3D printing and can easily be optimized for specific prototyping, casting, tooling and direct manufacturing applications.

Applications include

  • Snap fit assemblies

  • Automotive styling parts and fascia

  • Master patterns for urethane casting

  • Parts normally machined from polypropylene (PP) or ABS

Printers compatible with this material:

Technical Specifications

  • Accura 25 Datasheet (English A4)
  • Accura 25 Datasheet (English)
  • Material Selection Guide for Stereolithography (SLA) (English - US)
  • Material Selection Guide for Stereolithography (SLA) (English A4)
  • Stereolithography Tech Specs (English - US)

Accura 25 (SLA)