VisiJet M5 Black MJP



Visijet® m5 black is a strong, flexible material that makes sleek black parts. With the projet 5000’s large build volume, large panels and housings can be printed with ease. The material’s flexibility allows for easy assembly and snap-fit applications. Visijet m5 black can be used to make functional parts for extended use and testing and its black color makes it ideal for electronics, plastic automotive components, and chic black appliances.


This ingenious 3D printer solution simultaneously prints and blends both flexible and rigid photopolymers within the VisiJet® family of materials. This is done layer-by-layer at the voxel level, in one part and in a single build, to achieve superior mechanical properties. Additionally, VisiJet rigid plastic, elastomeric and composite materials are engineered for performance with varying degrees of flexibility, material transparency and differentiated shades in one part.


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VisiJet M5 Black MJP