WB Engineering Present Online Exhibition: NoMATERIA 2012-2017 | Build the Future

WB Engineering Present Online Exhibition: NoMATERIA 2012-2017 | Build the Future

The Last, October 30, 2017, we present the 3rd edition of the exhibition NoMATERIA, a virtual platform for the promotion and dissemination of Industrial Design in Venezuela. An initiative to support and boost creativity, productivity, innovation and Venezuelan talent.

NoMATERIA 2012 – 2017 | Build the Future exhibits 50 projects, objects and products, which help to understand the industrial design in Venezuela, from the simplicity of an object that emerges from paper in three-dimensional form, to the development of complex products linked to the industry or habitable artifacts.

NoMATERIA returns five years later, when Venezuela is going through an unprecedented political, social and economic crisis. All Venezuelans are literally fighting to save their future. The manufacturing capacity is severely diminished. The indicators that warn about the essential conditions of life have alarms on in terms of insecurity, scarcity, corruption, urban deterioration and inflation. Many designers still work in Venezuela, but thousands of fellow citizens have left in search of better living conditions and greater professional development.

On page 45 you can find an article about our design made by Jacobo del Rio which specifies the work done in the scuba, to know more about this project please visit our gallery  Click here

Scuba, 2017. Jacobo Rojo del Rio, WB Engineering Inc. Barcelona, España

We have the satisfaction of presenting at NoMATERIA 2012 – 2017 | Build the Future the result of the work of these 74 Venezuelans, residing in 24 cities in 11 different countries. The presence of the drawing basically includes two aspects of the nature of industrial design: the project as the guiding thread and the document that enables its reproduction.

Another important aspect of the sample is that all the pieces are manufactured, some in the prototype stage, others already in production and commercialization. The approach with the material and the manufacturing processes are a fundamental part in the design process. From this notion we can think about the tools to build and re-build.

The catalog of the exhibition, which you can download at this address ( https://tinyurl.com/ycdqa3ye ) is in PDF format. It has 112 pages and the texts are in Spanish and English.

View the complete article on http://www.di-conexiones.com/exposicion-online-nomateria-2017/  

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