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[H4]Welcome WB Engineering Inc. [/H4]

WB Engineering is a product design company located in Miami, Florida we assist our clients in compressing their product development and design cycles. At WB Engineering we specialize in creating products which are optimized for functionality, manufacturability, and profitability. We don’t simply look at a project as just creating a prototype, we look at your idea as a viable product in which we have to take into consideration far more than just the short term prototyping goals. After all, you want to take your idea into the marketplace.

[H4]What differentiates us from the competition? [/H4]

At WB Engineering we focus on what happens beyond the pretty product sketches and pictures . In all honestly, for next to nothing you can hire a college student to design a product that looks pretty and looks like it works on the computer screen. This is not how your product will ever get into the marketplace nor get the ROI you expect.

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This is a small list of questions we ask on all of our projects:

  •      • How does it work?
  •      • How will it be manufactured?
  •      • What are the functional requirements?
  •      • Is there a better way to assembly this product?
  •      • Can we reduce cost while maintaining design intent? Is it over engineered?
  •      • What materials are suitable for this product?
  •      • What quantities will this be manufactured in?
  •      • What is the target cost?
  •      • …etc
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We ask these questions because we have been there… We have seen projects go to manufacturing and excel. We have worked with multinational companies to optimize a product already in existence to maximize profit margins and product reliability. We have also started projects from a simple idea or napkin sketch.

Working with manufactures worldwide, they have noticed a trend when working with WB Engineering, typically a manufacturing company will have a customer budget 20%-30% of mold cost for mold rework. We average below 5% in mold rework once steel is cut. What does this mean for you? Not only are you saving Money, you are saving time to market via reducing the time needed to make mold changes. Furthermore, the product you receive on the other end of a 3 month manufacturing lead time will be engineered to its fullest extent in order to reduce rejects, recalls, failures, and increase product reliability and cost.

A product can be designed a million different ways, but only a few will be optimized for functionality, reliability, and profitability.

How can we make such bold statements? Because we measure twice, cut once. We have invested heavily in the technology we use to facilitate the design process. With a full suite of design, engineering and simulation software, and the latest in 3D Printing, we are able to digitally simulate your product, and produce prototypes to confirm and optimize all of our design decisions. This helps assure you are going to market with a product that will not only be reliable so you can build your brand with confidence, but you will also know your product was design to maximize your profits without leaving money on the table.

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WB Engineering offers a full spectrum of services around the Product Development, and Design realm.

  •      • Industrial Design, Conceptualization
  •      • Product Design & Development
  •      • 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering
  •      • Mechanical Engineering
  •      • Design Optimization
  •       – Ergonomics
  •       – Reduce part count
  •       – Reduce assembly cost
  •       – Improve Product performance
  •       – Reduce Manufacturing cost
  •       – …etc.
  •      • Digital Product Simulations including:
  •       – Manufacturability (Moldflow Analysis)
  •       – Finite Element Analysis linear, and non linear
  •       – Dynamic Simulation
  •       – Fatigue Testing
  •       – Thermal Analysis
  •       – Assembly and Disassembly analysis
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