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[H4] 3D Systems Printers [/H4]

3D Systems is a leading, global provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including personal, professional and production 3D printers, integrated print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers alike. In line with our commitment to democratize access and accelerate adoption of affordable 3D printing we also provide creative content development, design productivity tools, curation services and content downloads.

Our expertly integrated solutions replace, displace and complement traditional development and manufacturing methods and reduce the time and cost of designing new products by printing real parts directly from digital input. 3D Systems solutions are used to rapidly design, communicate, prototype and produce functional parts and products, empowering our customers to create with confidence.

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[tab title=”3D Printing” icon=”icon-cogs” iconsize=”icon-regular”] 3D printing is a unique form of printing that is related to traditional rapid prototyping technology. A three dimensional object is engineered by layering and connecting multiple successive cross sections of special modeling material. 3D printers are generally faster, more affordable and easier to use than other additive fabrication technologies. While prototyping dominates current uses, 3D printing offers tremendous potential for retail consumer uses.[/tab]

[tab title=”Rapid Prototypes” icon=”icon-cogs” iconsize=”icon-regular”]Most design decisions are made up-front in the design process. Typically the first 10% of the product development process affects about 80% of the products total cost. These decisions are made during the initial or concept stage of the development process.[/tab]

[tab title=”Desktop Modeling” icon=”icon-cogs” iconsize=”icon-regular”]Desktop Modeling marks an exciting new capability in prototype technology. Designers, engineers and hobbyists using 3D CAD software can now verify their own concepts earlier and more often. Desktop Modeling accommodates the progressive nature of design, allowing you to verify your own concepts earlier and more often. Integrating frequent prototypes into the design workflow produces the best end-product possible with fewer errors and faster time-to-market.[/tab] [/tabs]

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