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Highly accurate, with up to 3 simultaneous print colors and a build size of up to 10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5 inches (275 x 265 x 240 mm), the CubePro™ delivers the industry’s best desktop experience in PLA and ABS plastic jet 3D printing.

The CubePro is available with single, dual or Triple print jets, with 23 color choices in ABS and PLA materials, both of which can run in the same build. Stabilized print mechanics, easy setup, wireless connectivity, and fast print speeds your designs so that your ideas are very quickly realized in physical models. Specialized software enables easy creation of the build data which immediately begins printing in your home or office. Available Q2 2014.

Power Cord


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    • Controlled Print Environment. A controlled process environment ensures improved accuracy and reliability of print for effortless, professional quality every time for your largest ABS plastic prints. Automated settings ensure home-safe printing in your mancave, on your workbench and at your desktop.


    • Strong, Fast and Long-lasting. Guaranteed faster, more accurate prints with stabilized print mechanics and easy feed cartridges for prolonged material life.


    • Triple color + dual materials = thousands of options. Get more expressive with 3D printing in up to 3 simultaneous colors and more color options.


  • Connect better to experience better. Connect conveniently with an easy to use color touchscreen display and WiFi capability.
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