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Form 1+

With the Form 1+ you’ll be printing in less than 15 minutes. It comes fully calibrated and ships with resin, software, finishing tools, and a one-year standard warranty—everything you need to succeed with 3D printing.

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Formulated in-house to deliver the highest-quality output, these resins capture astonishing detail without sacrificing durability or toughness.

HIGH-RESOLUTION: For demanding applications, our carefully-engineered resins capture the finest features in your model.

STRENGTH & PRECISION: Our resins create accurate and robust parts, ideal for rapid prototyping and product development.

SURFACE FINISH: Perfectly smooth right out of the printer, parts have the polish and finish of a final product.

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Our growing library of high-performance resins adds new capabilities to the Form 1+ 3D printer, offering a range of material properties to explore.

CASTABLE RESIN: Castable burns out cleanly, without ash or residue and captures crisp, precise detail as well as extraordinarily smooth surfaces. It allows jewelers, designers, and engineers to go straight from a 3D design to a model suited for direct investment.

FLEXIBLE RESIN: Flexible is versatile, tactile, and impact-resistant. Push the boundaries of 3D printing by creating parts that are bendable and compressible. Excellent for prototyping, product design, and engineering.

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PreForm (included) lets you print quickly, with its intuitive interface, useful tools, and regular updates.

SIMPLE PROCESS: Automatic tools for orientation and support generation make print setup fast and effective.

ADVANCED FEATURES: Our advanced mode reveals complexity when you need it, allowing you to fine tune details like individual support placement, density, and geometry.

PRINT MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Print time and volume estimates help you calculate costs.

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  • Form 1+ EU Extended
  • F1-F2 Comparison

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WB Engineering has partnered with fiscally sound and community focused leasing and financing company. We can help you get the 3D printers your business needs! Get approved for financing with an easy online application. Click Here for more information.

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