Medical Device Services

WB Engineering’s product design services include medical device design. Our products have won awards for being reliable, efficient, effective, and profitable medical devices. We take particular interest in medical device design, as these products ultimately improve and can save patients’ lives.

Medical Devices
Process Design

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Medical Device Product Design

Design Capabilities

Our 3D product design and prototyping capabilities, along with our team of skilled Biomedical Engineers ensures that we can develop a wide variety of products including:
  • •Personal heart monitors
  • •Insulin injector pens
  • •Personal inhalers
  • •Blood analysis systems.
Our experienced medical device design engineers are always looking to expand their horizons. We can turn your vision into reality whether you have an idea for a new product that requires custom design work or needs to optimize an existing design to increase reliability or profitability.
Our team and tools make WB Engineering one of the top medical device design companies.


Our medical device design services include:
• Developing product strategies
• Conducting  competitive product research
• Carrying out user research
• Generating concepts
• Drawing sketches
• Designing 3D digital CAD models using the latest engineering design software
• Optimizing designs for reliability and manufacturability using digital simulation
• Determining aesthetics including form and color of the device
• Verifying ergonomic and functional parts via 3D printing technology
• Rendering and creating visualizations to facilitate the conveyance of ideas to shareholders and potential customers
• Leading usability studies
• Prototyping functional products

Design Capabilities

If you have an idea for a medical device design, we can help. Our streamlined design process utilizes the latest engineering design software, and our experienced design engineers allow us to offer high quality service with shorter turn-around times.
Contact us for your medical device engineering needs. We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for our customer’s intellectual property protection. Let us develop a strategy to move your project towards completion.

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