Located in sunny South Florida, WB Engineering is a product design company dedicated to assisting our clients in consolidating their ideas into fine, quality products. Here at WB Engineering, we specialize optimizing products for better functionality, manufacturability, and profitability. Other companies tend to focus on just creating a prototype, but we look at your idea as a holistic, viable product. After all, we know you want to take your idea into the market, and we are going to help you get there.

What makes us different from the competition?

Other companies tend to focus on just creating a prototype, but we look at your idea as a holistic, viable product. After all, we know you want to take your idea into the market, and we are going to help you get there









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Why Choose Us?

A product can be designed a million different ways, but only a few will be optimized for better functionality, reliability, and profitability

From simple ideas to even a napkin sketch, we have helped our clients transform their concepts into successful products. What sets us apart from competitors is that we work with our international partners to optimize products, even those already available in the market to maximize profit margins and product reliability.


Part of our goal here at WB Engineering is to help our clients create the most optimized, reliable and profitable products possible through cost-effective methods. For instance, manufacturers worldwide typically allocate approximately 20-30% of a customer’s budget to cover mold costs for mold rework. At WB Engineering, we average 5% in mold rework, saving clients’ resources needed to make changes in a product. We also engineer products to their fullest extent to reduce failures and costs and maximize profitability and reliability.


Why are we so confident? It’s simple: we measure twice and cut once. As a company, we have invested in a full design suite and engineering, simulation, and 3D printing software to simplify the design process. These technologies allow us to digitally simulate your product and produce prototypes to make better design decisions. This way, we can trust that you will get into the market with a product that not only adjusts to your brand but also maximizes profits.

What we do


Below is a small list of questions we ask all our clients:

  • How does it work?
  • How will it be manufactured?
  • What are the functional requirements?
  • Is there a better way to assemble this product?
  • Can we reduce costs while maintaining the original design intent? Is it over-engineered or over-designed
  • What are the best materials for this product?
  • What quantities will this be manufactured in?
  • What is the target price?


WB Engineering offers a full spectrum of services around the product development and design realm.

  •    Industrial Design, Conceptualization
  •    Product Design & Development
  •    3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering
  •    Mechanical Engineering
  •    Design Optimization
  •    – Ergonomics
  •    – Reduce part count
  •    – Reduce assembly cost
  •    – Improve product performance
  •    – Reduce manufacturing cost
  •    – And more!
  •    Digital Product Simulations, including:
  •    – Manufacturability (Moldflow Analysis)
  •    – Finite Element Analysis, linear and non-linear
  •    – Dynamic Simulation
  •    – Fatigue Testing
  •    – Thermal Analysis
  •    – Assembly and Disassembly analysis

Leadership Team

Werner Blumenthal
Werner Blumenthal Chief Executive Officer

Alfredo Blumenthal
Alfredo Blumenthal VP Business Development

Carl He
Carl He Manufacturing And Sourcing Manager

Elizabeth Rondon
Elizabeth Rondon Finance Manager

Alejhandro Navarro
Alejhandro Navarro Engineering Outcome Manager

Cesar Chacon
Cesar Chacon Ideation Manager

Anny Vergara
Anny Vergara Visualization Manager

Luis Cuesta
Luis Cuesta Mechanical Engineering & Rapid Prototyping Coordinator

Leonardo Ontiveros
Leonardo Ontiveros Marketing and e-Business System Manager

Elizabeth Centeno
Elizabeth Centeno Outbound Demand Generation Manager

Gabriela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez Digital Branding Coordinator

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Our Clients & Testimonials

WB Engineering has partnered with clients, both large and small, from around the world. The results of these partnerships have won awards, been featured in print and on television, and are available for purchase at retail stores around the country. Look below for a list of some of our clients and the products we’ve created with them.