“End-to-end product development, engineering and manufacturing”
CONCEPTUAL DESIGN We provide assistance to match your brand and connect to your target market. ENGINEERING Our engineers will ensure your product performs to its highest potential while
optimizing manufacturing costs.
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SIMULATION Create a tangible prototype for functional testing and market analysis. PROTOTYPING Create a tangible prototype for functional testing and market analysis. MANUFACTURING We provide domestic and international manufacturing options. Read More SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS Your final product will be shipped directly to your warehouse.

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Our Services

Product Design

We provide complete professional combining aesthetics and functionality to create your product.

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Through our technical expertise, we will create the best physical representation of your idea in the shortest possible time.

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From functional prototypes to mass production, we will bring your product to life and introduce it into the market.

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Other Services


We can create the concept and give to you the conception of your Idea.

3D Scanning Services

We use the best technology available on the market to generate 3D images using your prototypes.

3D Printing

We use state of the art equipment to bring your ideas to life.

Industrial Design

We design high quality and cost effective products before beginning the manufacturing process.

Simulation + Optimization

Our technology allows us to digitally simulate and test your products before the manufacturing process.


We can produce machining parts in-house.

Product Design

We can assist with product development to further expand your product ideas.

Mechanical Services

With the combination of design and engineering, we are able to create polished and efficient products.


Through our international partners, we are able to provide cost effective manufacturing options.

Solutions by Industry

  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Products
  • Mechanical

WB Engineering is a product development company, our product development team includes engineers with the keys skills necessary to develop products for the aerospace industry. Our work spands both military and commercial projects, where our design engineers have found cost-efficient solutions for several projects, We are the complete solution in Product Development Company Services in Miami Florida.

Advanced flight platforms are placing pressure on aerospace companies to adopt rapid manufacturing technologies that accelerate the supply chain and encourage innovation at every level, including product development, inspection and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul). At the same time, there’s a growing need to lower fuel costs and efficiently replace legacy parts for aging fleets.

Aerospace and defense customers leverage 3D Systems’ industry-leading solutions and expertise to deliver unprecedented manufacturing productivity improvements: increased speed and reliability of quality assurance and validation processes; lowered fuel costs through lightweighting and parts consolidation; increased manufacturing productivity through innovative 3D printed casting patterns, 3D data recovery, injection-mold design, and direct metal printing of airworthy parts.

A healthcare revolution is taking place throughout the world, founded on the ability to create highly personalized 3D printed medical devices and patient-specific surgical simulation and direct printing of individualized implants and customized instrumentation. This revolution is not only fueled by effecting speed and cost, it is transforming and enriching lives.

WB Engineering partners with surgeons, healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, and medical teaching staff to offer a range of precision healthcare solutions, including virtual reality simulators, Our Product Development Services offers 3D printed anatomical models, virtual surgical planning, patient-specific surgical guides, instrumentation and implants.

With our team of Biomedical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Manufacturing engineers, WB Engineering has a portfolio of medical devices and Product Development Services which have won awards for innovation in the medical industry. We take particular interest in medical devices design, as these products ultimately improve and can save patients’ lives.

As a medical device design company, among our other specialties, WB Engineering offers a comprehensive device design services package. Our strategic approach takes our medical device design engineers from initial concept all the way through end-user usability studies. We ensure absolutely everything is accounted for.


The consumer product development services by WB Engineering cater to companies and individuals looking to develop new products and to improve existing products related to a variety of industries. From the very first step of assessing the product idea and creating a rough sketch, to the very last step of manufacturing the product and testing it, the product design engineers at WB Engineering bring your vision to life.

We have worked with consumer products designed for domestic use as well as with those used for industrial purposes. The products for personal use include consumer products used at home, work, leisure, and sports.

Together with our team of skilled engineers and our 3d product design and prototyping capabilities, we are able to develop a wide variety of products including: engineering parts, mechanical devices, machine components, and tools.

At WB Engineering we are able to create custom designs, optimize existing designs, increase reliability or profitability, and brainstorming capabilities for new products.

Our staff and facility makes us one of the top choices in the mechanical device design industry.

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Solutions for prototyping to production, in plastics and metals with 3D Systems Technology.

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3D Scanning

Solve your missing parts documentation! If you need to make design changes.

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We use the best professional software and development tools to test designs.

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