Our Services

Product Design

We Provide to you the most professional and complete services that integrate aesthetics and functionality into creating your product

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We apply the best technical knowledge to all our designs, creating the most effective product to produce your idea in physical

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We not only design, We bring your product to the market, from functional prototypes to mass production, we can create your product

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Other Services


We can create the concept and give to you the conception of your Idea.

3D Scanning Services

We use the best technology available to generate accurate CAD files from your physical parts.

3D Printing

We use the best professional equipment to create your rapid prototypes.

Industrial Design

We can provide to you with most optimal design for your products before we produce in manufacturing.

Simulation & Animation

We have the tools to simulate and test your product on the digital world and to do the corrections before move forward.


We have the capabilities to produce machining parts.

Product Design

We can provide you with efficient and effective generation and development of your ideas to your new product.

Mechanical Services

We do not only do design, we put together nice looking designs with engineering, creating that way, the most efficient product.


With partners and offices overseas, we can provide to you with manufacturing process on a very cost efficient way.


We can go further and help you design and create the packaging image for your product.


We have capabilities to implement electrical components into your product.

Vacuum Casting & Silicon Molding

We have the experience on Vacuum Casting and Molding to help and assist you on this process.

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More than 2,000 Completed Projects

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3D Printing

We offer the best Professional and Production Services to create your Physical Prototypes.

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3D Scanning

We work with one of the best portfolio of hardware and software to reverse engineer your parts.

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We count with the best professional software and tools to development and test your design

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Create your own Project with our Request Demo Part
Interested in acquiring a Professional 3D Printer? Request a demo part to test our capabilities.
  • Professional team that will help you and guide you to have the best Demo part for your application.
  • Fast Cost Analysis and Part Production, that will help you make the correct choice.
  • Experts in this field will help you to better understand the capabilities of 3D Printing and how you can take advantage of this technology.
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Easy Create & Manage. Request Printing Quote
Do you know how 3D Printing can help you to have some previous experience on this, submit your files and get an estimate on real time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Real time quotes on several materials and technologies.
  • Accepts different types of files.
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