Design Services

We provide you the most professional and complete services that integrate aesthetics and functionality into the same design, creating your new product.

Engineering Services

We apply the best technical knowledge to all our designs, creating the most effective product to produce.

Prototyping Services

With Technology in-house and overseas we can produce your functional prototypes and your mockup prototypes, providing to you the best service possible.

Manufacturing Services

We not only design, We bring your product to the market, from functional prototypes to mass production, we can create your product.

Our Other Services


We can create the concept and give to you the conception of your Idea.

3D Scanning Services

We use the best technology available to generate accurate CAD files from your physical parts.

3D Printing

We use the best professional equipment to create your rapid prototypes.

Industrial Design

Design aesthetics are important not only to capture the spirit of a client's idea but also to merge Form, Fit, and Function into a product the end user will appreciate and admire making a visual statement.


Contrary to traditional product development which process is Design-Build-Test-Fix-Repeat, we use a Digital Prototyping process which allows us to Design-Analyze-Test-Build. Reducing costs, and compressing the design cycle.


Even though Digital Prototyping allows us to test the product before it is ever built, with In-House, high accuracy, industrial 3D Printers we are able to Validate the most critical components of the design.


With partners in both the USA and China, WB Engineering can offer a manufacturing facility which best fits to your manufacturing needs based on manufacturing expertise, technology, process, regulations, quality requirements, and logistics.

Simulation + Optimization

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Dynamic Simulations, and Moldflow as part of our everyday Engineering workflow we help ensure all aspects of the product are Validated and Optimized.

Reverse Engineering

Digitizing legacy products, analyzing wear patterns, verifying manufacturing tolerances, and, digitizing complex surfaces, are just a few ways our customers benefit from in house, high precision, Blue Light 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services.

Product Design

Our main goal is to bring your idea to reality

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Physical prototypes will bring your product vision to life.

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We not only design, we can create your product.

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