Design Services

We provide complete professional services that combine aesthetics and functionality to create your product.

Engineering Services

With our technical knowledge and expertise, we are able to create a unique and innovative product.

Prototyping Services

Together with our international partners, we can produce various prototypes to accommodate your every needs.

Manufacturing Services

From functional prototypes to mass production, we bring your products to life and integrate them into the market.

Consulting Services

The focus of consulting services in Miami extends beyond traditional engineering and design, encompassing a comprehensive approach to product development that includes market analysis, sustainability considerations, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Other Services


We can create the concept and give to you the conception of your Idea.

3D Scanning Services

We use the best technology available to generate accurate CAD files from your physical parts.

3D Printing

We use state of the art equipment to bring your ideas to life.

Industrial Design

We design high quality and cost effective products before beginning the manufacturing process.

Simulation + Optimization

Our technology allows us to digitally simulate and test your products before the manufacturing process.


We can produce machining parts in-house.

Product Design

We can assist with product development to further expand your product ideas.

Mechanical Services

With the combination of design and engineering, we are able to create polished and efficient products.


Through our international partners, we are able to provide cost effective manufacturing options.

Product Design

Our main goal is to bring your idea to reality

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Physical prototypes will bring your product vision to life.

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We not only design, we can create your product.

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