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Our main goal is to bring your idea to reality, but, make it functional and manufacturable for you to be able to place your product in the market on a cost efficient way and providing you all the information to either go to a patented process or to a raising founds as a “KickStarter or Indiegogo”

During the discovery phase, we sit down with our customers and the product design discussed in detail. This process includes discussion of design intent and target market the product along with any other relevant information regarding the design and development of its concept.

Using the information provided by our customers and all the resources at our disposal, we determine a project’s design feasibility and manufacturability. We gather empirical data about similar designs to assist in the optimization of the product’s design and reliability.

With the information gathered during the research stage, we meet with our customers to discuss our findings and our proposed implementation plan.

We use a suite of product design software to develop a digital prototype, which is a digital three-dimensional (3D) engineering model, of the customer’s product. Customers can request further optimizations, which can often be incorporated into the design with no additional capital investment by the customer.

For testing and design validation purposes, physical prototypes can be created using the prototyping method best suited for the design. We use the latest technologies from traditional CNC to 3D printing and more to create our prototypes.

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Design Services