Fabrication and Machining Services

Physical prototypes will bring your product vision to life. Experience your product in physical form, not just in a digital format

Functional Prototype “Works Like”

Test the function of your prototype in action and verify that it will work as designed. Functional prototypes focus on exactly what you would think it would, the products function. This prototype is typically the first prototype developed to prove or disprove a design.

At WB Engineering we will produce (when appropriate) several prototypes during the course of the product development cycle to confirm the functionality of the product is on par with the end goal. Typically these prototypes are not necessarily indicative of what the final product will look like but are very useful in proving the efficiency of the design for its proposed function.

A functional prototype is considered a “Works Like Prototype”. What you can expect from a “works like prototype” is a realistic demonstration of how your final product will perform.

Showroom Prototype “Looks Like” 

Demonstrate the product to the client, investor, your team, upper management or end user for feedback on a product’s aesthetics. Showroom “Looks Like Prototypes” focus on the overall look, and feel of a product. These prototypes (in some cases) are non-functional mockups of a product which will give you a very close representation of what the final product will look like.  When possible, and appropriate they will also include the functionality of the final prototype but may be limited.

Pre Production Prototypes “Works Like/ Looks Like”

This is as close as you can get to a final product without investing in the manufacturing process. These prototypes are typically the final stage prior to moving to manufacturing. These prototypes are generally made after a “works like” prototype has been made, and tested. Typically these prototypes are used at a minimum to ensure that manufacturing investments are made with a high level of confidence that the product will perform and look as expected once manufacturing starts.  Additionally, our clients will in some cases use a small batch of Works Like, Looks Like Prototypes for market research, focus groups, and end user product testing.

Methods of Fabrication and Machining Services

3D Printing.

Machining Services

Vacuum Casting & Silicon Molding