Inspired by the hydrodynamics of swordfish, the Scuba was designed by the characteristics that define this agile animal. The Scuba features a V-shaped design inspired by swordfishes’ short caudal tail fin, for powerful swimming strokes.
Elongated cartilage that allows you to maneuver very nimbly at great speeds. In reference to that, our designers integrate this into the design, with a tensile structure on each side of The Scuba.
The swordfish beak is specially designed to slide more fluidly in long swimming, this design was properly reproduced by channeling two holes on each fin. Nevertheless, a characteristic aspect of this animal is its change of textures on his scaly skin. Being another factor of inspiration to define two textures; a corrugated for greater friction and a smoother one for greater fluidity.


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Name Scuba Date 02 Wed 2017 Categories Product Design Author WB Engineering
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