Figure 4 EGGSHELL-AMB 10


Rigid Plastic to Create Sacrificial Tooling that Withstands Silicone Injection at High Temperature and Pressure, but Breaks away Easily


  • For casting silicone parts in any durometer
  • Customized end-use and low volume production parts of silicone material
  • High quality prototypes quickly produced


  • Fine feature detail and digital textures applied to the sacrificial tooling for textured silicone parts
  • Digital tooling for complex geometries
  • End product can be cast with many silicones
  • Material translucency allows for visualization during injection


  • High HDT, high tensile modulus and low elongation at break
  • Translucent, amber color
  • Withstands silicone injection at high temperature and pressure, but intentionally brittle to break away easily

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Key Mechanical Properties

  • Elongation at break: 5%

  • Tensile modulus: 2765 MPa

  • Impact strength (notched Izod): 15 J/m

  • Heat Deflection Temperature @ 0.455 MPa: 89°

  • Figure 4 Eggshell-AMB 10 tech specs
  • Figure 4 Eggshell-AMB 10 tech specs (A4)



Figure 4 EGGSHELL-AMB 10