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Product Design and 3D Printing in Miami

Visibility is key to any business. The more people that see your brand, the better chance you have of your company succeeding. That’s why having a quality product design and effective development are so important. This will ultimately be what helps your business take off and thrive. Thankfully, there’s WB Engineering Inc. They’ll provide services to help your company produce the best business possible.

WB Engineering Inc. is a leading consulting firm that offers innovating design and prototyping solutions as a way for its clients to market themselves. Their services include designing, developing and manufacturing products for a slew of different industries.  Consumer product design Florida and product development Florida is a process that requires many steps. The first one is discovery. During this phase, WB Engineering Inc. sits down with their client and goes over the product in detail. This is where the firm gets an understanding of the company’s main goal. WB Engineering Inc. learns what kind of market the company is trying to target and what they want their product design to look like. This is where the client also chimes in with their ideas for design and development.

The next step is research. WB Engineering Inc. takes all the information the customers gave them and decides which of their resources will best make this product happen. This is where they look into how to make the desired design possible. Many times, the firm will look at past designs they’ve created to see if there’s any existing ones that will help them put together what the customer is asking for.

Brainstorming is the third step. After they’ve gathered up all their information, WB Engineering Inc. meets back up with the client to talk about what they’ve learned. During this session, they go over what they came up with in the research stage. WB Engineering Inc. discusses what they believe needs to be implemented into the product design Miami to achieve the product the client wants.

After brainstorming, comes the digital prototype step.  WB Engineering Inc. will develop a digital prototype, which the customer reviews. Designs can be adjusted at no additional cost to the customer. The ideation phase of this is where the formulation of the overall concept and the look of the product, before going into 3D printing in Miami, happens. Ideation is the part of design and development where rough outlines are made. This is when WB Engineering Inc. will lay out the overall form and function of the product. Here, all the product details are drawn out. This includes everything from the shape of a handle to the pattern on the knob. These sketches are made so that a 3D printing Florida engineering model can be created.  3D printing Florida modeling incorporates the creation of a full-scale digital model of your product, so that it can be sent to manufacturing.  The 3D printing Miami model will have all the details that the end product does.

Physical prototype follows digital prototype. WB Engineering Inc. will take all of the outlines and 3D printing Miami model they put together and make a physical model of the digital design. This is a way of testing and validating the design they put together for the customer. They can be made using the latest rapid prototyping technologies like additive manufacturing or subtractive methods of manufacturing like CNC.

WB Engineering Inc. is a Florida based product design and development company that manufactures products to help companies bloom. In today’s business market, product design is everything. It draws customers in, while giving them an idea what kind of services you’re offering.  A business’ looks alone can make or break a company.  With WB Engineering Inc., businesses won’t have to feel alone in their quest for success.

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