Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10


High Tear Strength with Long Term Environmental Stability for Hard Rubber-Like Parts


  • Slow-rebound hard-rubber material allows for multiple touch applications, including grips, handles, bumpers
  • Good for strain-relief type applications
  • Couplings and overmoldings
  • Production parts needing long term environmental stability where mechanical properties fit


  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Very tough material
  • Great for soft touch applications
  • Engineered for long term environmental stability


  • High tear strength
  • Shore hardness of 59D and 97A
  • Tough and durable

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Key Mechanical Properties

  • Key Mechanical Properties:

  • Elongation at break: 75%

  • Tensile modulus: 434 MPa

  • Impact strength (notched Izod): 128 J/m

  • Shore hardness: 59D, 97A

  • Tear Strength: 76 kN/m

Y-Adapter with high tear strength in Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10 hard rubber-like material.

  • Figure 4 Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10 tech specs
  • Figure 4 Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10 tech specs (A4)

Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10